How Can I Find Out When My License Will Expire? 

Expiration date appears on the license or you may use License Lookup for your license number via our  Online Services.

How Long After My License Expires, Do I Have to Renew It?

An expired license may be renewed with penalty for up to 12 months past the expiration date.  Of course, you may not perform licensed activity while your license is expired non-renewed.

How Much Does It Cost To Renew My Expired License?

The cost is the renewal fee plus the late penalty plus the reinstatement fee if activating the license. 

What Form Do I Use To Renew My Expired License?

Use Form 580 (Application for Renewal of Real Estate License).  However if you are reinstating to ACTIVE status, use Form 544.

What Happens If My License Is Expired For More Than One Year?

The license is closed after 12 months past the expiration date.  A new application for a license must be submitted with new exam results and new fingerprint verification and any other required documentation for an original license.  

My Broker’s License Has Expired, But My License Is Still Current.  Can I Still Show Properties To My Clients?

No, your license is inactivated as a result of your broker’s license expiring.

My License Is On INACTIVE Status With The Real Estate Division.  Will It Expire? 

Yes, your license always expires on the expiration date.  If you wish to keep your license current, even in inactive status, you must always pay your renewal fee when it is due.  If not, the license will be expired non-renewed.