Insurance Requirements

1. Before issuing any certificate of registration or annual renewal thereof, the Division shall require satisfactory proof that the asset management company:

(a) Is covered by a policy of insurance written by an insurance company authorized to do business in this State which is sufficient to reimburse real property owners for, without limitation, any damage to real property in foreclosure, the wrongful disposal of property or wrongful eviction; or

(b) Possesses and will continue to possess sufficient means to act as a self-insurer against that liability.

2. Every asset management company shall maintain the policy of insurance or self-insurance required by this section. The registration of every such asset management company is automatically suspended 10 days after receipt by the asset management company of a notice from the Division that the required insurance is not in effect, unless satisfactory proof of insurance is provided to the Division within that period.

3. Proof of insurance or self-insurance must be in such a form as the Division may require.