Regulation Changes


NAC 645 Changes
NAC 645 Changes regarding real estate continuing education requirements including exempting certain licensees who are 65 of age or older, advertise services using a nickname, provisions relating to applicants for licensure as a real estate broker, real estate broker-salesperson or real estate salesperson, transferring certain duties of the Real Estate Commission, and the advertisement of the services of a licensee R060-20 (Filed 12-29-20)
NAC 645   Changes regarding real estate continuing education requirements, Division’s investigation of the financial responsibility of an applicant for a broker license, the period of time that the Division will accept applicant’s exam results and proof which a licensee must submit to renew or reinstate a license R004-16 (Effective 2-27-18)
NAC 645   Changes regarding real estate experience verification, real estate educational courses and annual accounting of trust accounts

R097-14 (Effective 4-4-16)  

NAC 645C   Appraisal continuing education course developers and instructors

R073-15 (Effective 4-4-16)   

NAC 116 Changes

NAC 116 Changes
NAC 116  Changes regarding the submission of information by the executive board to the Division; consideration of board member performance of duties by Commission; establishing provisions concerning standards and format to be followed in preparation and presentation of financial statements; revising provisions relating to reserve funds required; revising fees for cost of collection of past-due unit owner obligations; removing certain obsolete provisions relating to the payment of certain fees; revising annual fee for Condo-Hotel units. R129-21
(Effective 12-29-22)

NAC 119 Changes

NAC 119 Changes
NAC 119A
  • Changes relating to time share provisions for abbreviated registrations and registration of certain exchange companies and resale brokers.
  • Revises certain definitions and provisions relating to certain persons owing money to the Division.
  • Revises provisions relating to provisional time share sales agents.
  • Revises provisions relating to branch offices.
  • Applies certain provisions to time share resale brokers.
  • Revises provisions concerning time share permits.
  • Revises provisions relating to standards and duties of certain persons.
  • Revises provisions concerning advertisements, promotional meetings and promotions.
  • Repeals certain provisions.
(Effective 8-30-18
NAC 119A
  • Requires that disclosures pursuant to NRS 119A.4775 and notice of cancellation be given to a purchaser in paper format on a form prescribed by the Division.
  • Requires a time share resale broker to obtain a signed receipt for the disclosure form from each purchaser, provide the purchaser with a copy in paper format and keep the signed receipt with a copy of any contract at the principal place of business of the time share resale broker.
  • Requires certain disclosures appear on the disclosure form.
(Effective 8-30-18)